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Partial Project Lists

HCA Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Port Charlotte, FL. Partial Listing:

Proposed Ortho Operating Room 11 and Renovations to OR Support Spaces, Current project funded but on hold.

Robotic Operating Room 10 and Renovations to OR Support Spaces.  Project Complete.

MRI Replacement and Room Refinish, Owners Representation for project as a Design Build from the CM and GE Medical.  Project Complete.

Certified Rehab Department Finishes Upgrades, Owners Representation for project and limited design services.  Project Complete.

3rd Floor Patient Room and Nurse Station Finishes Upgrades, Design and Owners Representation for project with design services.  Project on Hold.

MRI Interim Trailer Pad and Canopy, Design and Owners Representation for project with limited design services, Project Complete.

Interventional Radiology (IR) Room major renovations and new equipment and Renovations to Support Spaces including new GE Medical Equipment.  Project Complete.

CT 2 Renovations and Equipment for New CT Suite.  Development of New CT Suite in existing Radiology Department to serve the Emergency Department for High Speed imaging.  Project Complete.

Master Planning for future campus growth for the CEO including future patient wind expansion, parking expansion, ED Expansion, relocation of Administration, support spaces expansions.

Pharmacy Upgrades and Renovations including new USP certified mixing sterile processing suite.  Project Complete.

Baycare Dunedin Mease Hospital, Partial Listing:

Conversion of 3rd Floor for a 3 Suite Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) including Adult, Geriatric and Pediatric Units.  Project Complete on time and under budget.

Limited Renovations to the ED Department to accommodate Behavioral Health and Baker Act Patients.  Project Complete.

Best Services

Renovations to existing warehouse facility for the Manatee Service Center including Administrative Offices, Training, Scheduling and Warehousing.

HCA Doctors Hospital of Sarasota,Partial Listing:

New Cath Lab, Patient Pre and Post Beds and support spaces

Renovations to Sterile Mixing Pharmacy for USP compliance with HVAC upgrades.

New Nurse Management and Medical Records Area Renovations

Replacement of Major HVAC systems including RTU No 3.

Life Safety Plan Management Consulting

HCA Citrus Memorial Hospital, Inverness, FL.

Level II Trauma Center, Renovations to existing Fast Track area to become a 2 Bed Trauma Center and support spaces.  Project completed on accelerated fast track.  Project Complete.

Graduate Medical Student Education Center (GME) including renovations and Re-Use of an historic church property on the hospital campus.  Project Complete.

Trauma Center Helipad (helistop) including elevated pad over ED parking and entry, teamed with FEC Helipad.  Project completed on accelerated fast track.  Project Complete.

CT Equipment Replacement and Suite Renovations including new GE Medical CT equipment, in part, to serve the ED and Trauma Center.  Project Complete.

Hybrid Cath Lab 1 and Open Heart Procedure Suite.  Development of a fully integrated Interventional Radiology Suite outfitted for Open Heart.  Project Complete.

Renovations for Cardiac ICU Beds associated the the Open Heart ORs and the New Hybrid Cath Lab/Open Heart No. 1.  Project Complete.

Renovations for New MRI Suite in the Hospital Facility, moving the function from an outpatient location, including new GE Medical Equipment.  Project is to supplement the ED and Trauma Center imaging requirements.  Project Complete.

Renovations to Existing RF Room into New Interventional Radiology Room for peripheral angiography in the Radiology Dept.  Project Complete.

HCA Ocala Regional Medical Center, Partial Listing:

Renovations to Develop New Level II Trauma Center including renovations to Existing ED.  Project Complete.

New Roof Top Trauma Center Helipad (Heliport) on existing building working with FEC Helipads.  Project Complete.

New CT Suite including Renovatons to Existing spaces for 64 slice high speed CT to supplement imaging for the Trauma Center.

HCA Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, FL Partial Listing:

Renovations to 5th Floor Patient Wing for New Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) and support spaces.

Westminister Communities of Florida, Partial Listing

Westminster Manor, Bradenton, FL. Facade Renovations and Hurricane Hardening of exterior and proposed Pool renovations.

Westminster Manor Skilled Nursing Facility, Bradenton, FL., Renovations, Emergency Generator Code Upgrades, HVAC Code Upgrades, Interior improvements.

Westminster Suncoast Manor Skilled Nursing Facility, St. Petersburg, FL. Window and Door replacements for hurricane hardening with interior improvements.

Westminster Suncoast Manor Sr. Living Facility, St. Petersburg, FL. Numerous renovations and upgrades concurrent with Living Unit Renovations and new finishes. Balcony upgrades.Exterior Windows for Hurricane Hardening.


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